Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Retro News - New R-Type!

R-Type Final 2 by Granzella (2019?) - PS4

Despite the popularity of their ace series and its legendary status over the years, Irem have often seemed keen to put R-Type to the sword. The last proper new shmup to bear the name was R-Type Final, a PS2 exclusive back in 2003. Given its name you would expect that to be the last. Then, about 5 years later came a couple of turn-based strategy spin-offs for the PSP known as R-Type Tactics (or Command to US players), and I'm pretty sure I remember Irem actually saying at the time that they would be the last games in the series, and so it was for many moons. But then, just a couple of weeks past, on April Fool's Day no less, stories began to surface of something called R-Type Final 2. Given the timing, everyone just assumed it was an amusing-yet-cruel jape on the part of the developer, especially given their track-record of similar pranks, but egads - it has now been confirmed as a real game by the team themselves!

Granted, it isn't actually coming from Irem themselves, strictly speaking, but rather from an indie developer called Granzella, but since this small studio is made up of ex-Irem guys, including some who have even worked on previous R-Type games, I think it's safe for us to consider this an official sequel. However, like many indie projects, it is still the subject of a crowd-funding campaign. Since this campaign hasn't even started yet, I guess we shouldn't count our chickens just yet, but it does look like quite a bit of development work has already taken place - just look at the lovely screenshots here! The backgrounds are detailed but suitably gloomy while the bright neon weapon effects look dazzling. There are currently four ships to choose from too (though that number may increase), so there will be all sorts of weaponry lighting up the screen.

Granzella have also mentioned the game will focus on 'expressions' of how enemies are destroyed, while new enemies will be born from the 'decaying carcasses' of fallen foes, which sounds very interesting to me, and they're also implementing an intelligent difficulty system which varies depending on your ability and progress. That's good news for me then! It does sound like it's shaping up to be a top-notch addition to the series all around as well. As the developers themselves say, it's basically intended as an 'intensified' version of R-Type Final, but with more customisable elements along with a few other bells and whistles. Accordingly, it's currently just slated for a PS4 release (physical copy please!), but I'm sure other versions will follow. This is all just the blurb though of course, we'll have to see how it ends up, but I'm really glad it's real that's for sure! I wonder if that sneaky Dobkeratops will make an appearance?

Still don't believe it's real? Check check check out this official teaser trailer :)



  1. Doh! - recently sold the PS4 :( To be fair, it makes no sense to make this a PS4 exclusive....

    1. No it doesn't, and it probably won't be. I can't imagine they won't put it on Steam or something. We'll see :)