Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy Holidays (to me - tee hee!)

As some of you may have (hopefully!) noticed, I have been somewhat complacent of late with regards to this humble blog. I seem to have been very busy over the last month or so, partly owing to Christmas of course (although that's never seemed to affect things too much in previous years), but I've also been preparing for the holiday in Thailand with my wife from which I have just returned. We left the UK on December 26th which of course means we were able to enjoy a nice Christmas morning at home (when I received some splendid gifts from my beloved including a new (to me!) console - see forthcoming post) before heading off to see my family who had gathered at my sister's house where we enjoyed a lovely meal and great company. The next day, however, we were off. A rather arduous full day of flights and waiting later and we arrived in Bangkok. A few days were spent here looking at temples and stuff before we moved on to our next location - Phuket - from where I originally wrote this post while sitting poolside in the blazing sunshine.

The setting in which this post was written :)
Unlike my last lengthy holiday two years ago to Brazil, I sadly didn't store up a reserve of reviews and features to post here during my trip this time and, as you may well appreciate, I'm not likely to spend too much time writing stuff while I'm here either. Rest assured, though, that more idiotic ramblings will begin appearing here again now I've returned, whether you want them to or not! In the meantime, may I rather belatedly take this opportunity to extend my hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas time (if you celebrate it) and to wish you all a fantastic New Year. Some of us may have had a great 2013, some may have had an awful one, most will probably have had a mixture of the two, but I hope 2014 surpasses it anyway. I've got plenty of great (in my opinion, at least!) posts planned for Red Parsley, and there's some potentially exciting times ahead for us all. Enjoy!


  1. Great to see that you had a nice trip to Thailand, that is a fine way to spend the New Year!

    And I am curious to see the new console you got for Christmas!

  2. Thanks Sean, I hope you had a great festive period too! My new console isn't very exciting but it does enable me to play some previously untried classics. I'll do an 'Exploring' post once I've got enough games for it (currently have two) :)