You may have noticed that there’s generally a greater emphasis on games here at Red Parsley than on the systems that host them but I do occasionally take a proper look at one of the splendid computers or consoles in question. These features take two forms – Exploring, where I look at a system I have little or no experience with and 'explore' it, and Gaming Memories, where I look at systems I've previously owned (and usually still do) and recall my time with them. Here is a list of said features - the former are listed in (I think) the order of their release, the latter are listed in the order I acquired (or used) them:

Exploring the...

Atari VCS/2600 ...Part 1 ...Part 2
BBC Micro
Commodore 64 ...Part 1 ...Part 2
Nintendo NES ...Part 1 ...Part 2 ...Part 3 ...Part 4
Sega SG-1000
Sharp X68000 ...Part 1 ...Part 2
NEC PC Engine CD
SNK Neo Geo ...Part 1 ...Part 2
NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx
Funtech Super A'Can
Bandai WonderSwan
Microsoft Xbox
Sony PlayStation 3
Nintendo Wii
Sony PlayStation 4

Gaming Memories:

Arcades ...and again
Dragon 32
Sega Master System
ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC
Sega MegaDrive
Atari Lynx
Nintendo Game Boy
NEC PC Engine
Sega Mega CD ...Part 1 ...Part 2
Commodore Amiga
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Sega Saturn

Other System/Hardware/Developer Features:

New Arrival - PlayStation 3
Electronic Arts or Electronic Farts?
Blu Ray - What's The Big F*ckin' Deal, Bitch?
Next Next Generation Is Here - Are You Excited?
Sega: To Be How Good Takes Ages? ...Part 1
New Arrival - Microsoft Xbox
New Arrival - Nintendo Wii
Rediscovering a Lost Favourite (Dreamcast)
PS2, Xbox, GameCube... The Last of Their Kind?
Xbox: The Time To Collect Is Now - Part 1
Collection Rarities #1 - Skeleton Saturn
Rise From Your Grave - Resurrecting my old Speccy +3
Extra Special New Arrival - Steel Battalion for Xbox
Nintendo 64 - Retro Gaming's Weak Link?
Was the Sega Saturn a Flop?
Nintendo Unveil... the Switch
Taito Wowow - The Console That Never Was!
The Nintendo Switch - One Year On...
New Arrival - PlayStation 4
Retro News - PS1 Classic Lineup!
New Arrival - SNES Classic Mini
New Arrival - Glowy Laptop!
New Arrival - C64 Mini!

More to follow!

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