Monday, 1 June 2015

Red Parsley is Taking a Nap!

Oh dear, what in the blue blazes is happening? Apologies for the lack of new posts here at your (probably not) favourite gaming/movies blog. As predicted a while back, events have conspired against me and, despite continuing to have plenty of ideas and subject material, I now find almost no time at hand for playing or writing. This situation should only be short-term and I hope to be back to business as usual soon, but for the moment, don't give up on Red Parsley and keep checking for new stuff!

On the plus side, I did recently manage to catch San Andreas at the cinema (review coming soon-ish!) and among the numerous things to catch my eye was the leading lady, Alexandra Daddario, so here is a nice picture of her to pleasantly massage your visual cortex until I return once again!



  1. Aw man I just found your blog too.

    Neat stuff.

  2. Oh no :P Don't worry, I'll be posting stuff regularly again soon :)