Friday, 3 June 2016

Retro News - Another New Wonder Boy Game!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap by Lizardcube / DotEmu (2016) - PC

As some of you might know, having covered it twice already (here and here), I have been awaiting FDG Entertainment's update/reboot of the great Wonder Boy with much enthusiasm. It is based on and expands upon the epic third game in the series, The Dragon's Trap, and it really is looking wonderful. However, it now appears that FDG were not the only ones with the idea, for as recently revealed after a teaser countdown, there's another new Wonder Boy game on the way too! This one, developed by Lizardcube and published by those fine folk over at DotEmu, is apparently a direct remake rather than a new adventure based on the original, but that's just fine with me.

Unlike FDG's game which is retitled Monster Boy, this one is officially licensed and uses the original name (minus the 'III' part). It features all six of the playable characters that fans will be so familiar with, the dragons are all here, and so is the enormous game world they guard their various parts of. It's literally a remake, and as FDG have done with their game, Lizardcube have also managed to secure the services of Ryuichi Nishizawa, co-founder of Westone, the developer behind the original series, to ensure they stay as close as possible to the original game. It's interesting that Nishizawa-san has elected to work with both games but I suppose they are different enough to each be successful.

And that's exactly what I'd love to see - not competition but the gaming community embracing both projects. We already knew FDG's game was looking good - now take a look at the beautiful hand-drawn graphics that fill Lizardcube's fine game. Do they not look absolutely glorious? If you think so from the screenshots, you should see them moving - it really is a stunning-looking game, and with new arranged versions of all the classic choons, it sounds lovely too. It's a great time to be a Wonder Boy fan and a dream come true for fans like me. Keep a close eye on this one, coming... sometime soon (hopefully)... to PC as well as unspecified consoles (probably PS4/Xbone). Hooray!

To find out more about this wonderful project as well as keep apprised of any developments, check out the official page here.



  1. It seems both games are being developed in France :) I really hope they haven't been affected by flooding? :( I won't buy straight away, however both are being added to my wishlist.... p.s MM ruleZ!

  2. Yes, I knew you'd be happy as soon as I saw mouse-man in the trailer! I'm still not sure if he's in the other game but both look fantastic anyway :)