Sunday, 11 September 2011

Splendid Nintendo 64 Music #1

Blast Corps (1997)

As the final cartridge-based console, the N64 was also the last non-handheld system without the benefit of CD-based audio. On top of that, it didn't even have a dedicated sound chip, with the audio responsibilities instead falling to the system's 'Reality' co-processor, so the number of games featuring top soundtracks is all the more impressive. One of the best of these must surely be the fantastic series of tunes composed by Graeme Norgate for Rare's criminally under-played demolition game. The soundtrack consists of twenty-one tracks altogether, many of which feature twangy banjos more akin to a hoedown, but somehow they suit this superb game down to the ground. Here's my favourite:

Special Note: I didn't record this great tune myself, I'm just an admirer, so all credit to, firstly the original composer, and secondly the YouTube user who uploaded it!


  1. Wow, nice pick -- I hate to admit it, but I had a weird experience with this game that left a bitter taste in my mouth: I bought it used many years ago, brought it home, and could not figure out how to delete the previous owner's file and start my own. I am not even sure if that makes sense, but I never tried it again. Hm...

    Also, you should bug me about visiting your site much more -- Iso games and overhead racers? Nebulae and 16-bit platformers? I have some catching up to do...

  2. Hi Eric, welcome back! Glad you had a great break :)

    I bought Blast Corps full-price without hesitation back in my wildly irresponsible days but it was definitely worth it - what a game, and not just because of it's splendid soundtrack! I hope you give it another chance :)

    And thanks, I hope you enjoy reading the other posts you missed. I'll post links directly on your page from now on if you like! ;)

  3. This is ace, I came mooching here after you mentioned your posts on video game was a good call.

    I'd totally forgotten just how great the music is Blast Corps, and actually, just how great the game itself is.

    Just dug out my copy of Blast Dozer and tonight is now about wrecking the joint whilst avoiding getting blown up by a nuke carrier!!

    Nice one mate, great stuff as usual.