Friday, 21 April 2017

1,000th Post!

I've been writing and posting here at Red Parsley for a long time now - about seven years in fact. A lot more has happened in this seven years than most of the seven years that preceded them, mainly on account of being married which has been my 'relationship status' for eight years now. My wife struggles to tolerate my interest in gaming, even when it doesn't involve the expense of buying all the latest consoles and games, most of which I have very limited interest in. It was, however, rather ironically my wife who suggested I start this blog.

I can't even remember why now - it can't have been because I bored her with game talk or hogged the TV playing all my old classics - it's very unlikely I would've gotten away with that! Oh well, whatever made her suggest it, I did indeed start this very blog all the way back in 2010. I doubt she expected it to last very long; I'm not sure I did either to be honest - I've got a history of getting really into something only to lose interest just as quickly - but here I am still going all this time later.

In fact, I've been blabbering on here for so long now that I didn't even realise I've just passed a rather mighty landmark. Specifically, I have now published 1,000 posts here! It turns out the post in question was actually the review of the slightly obscure Japanese platformer known as Baluba-Louk no Densetsu a few weeks back but I didn't realise it at the time. It was only when I happened to glance at the blog stats and saw that the 'published posts' part said 1,005. Good heaven's above, I exclaimed! Have I really posted that many times here? I guess I have.

Time flies when you're having fun though, so they say, and I have indeed enjoyed the vast majority of my time writing and posting here, as well as playing/watching as part of my 'research' for new posts (chortle!). I haven't posted much lately though, that's for sure, mainly because I have recently moved house which takes up a lot of time (and money!) as I'm sure you can imagine. My wife and I are still not fully organised at our new place, and I haven't really been 'feeling it' as far as the blog goes lately either, but I will do my best to get posting again soon.

In the meantime I'd just like to say a quick thanks to everyone who has visited my humble page over the years, loitering as it does in some dark and murky corner of the internet. I'd like to think I've posted at least something of interest to most of you, and I will be back again soon with reviews of old games, new(ish) films, and snippets of other bits and pieces here and there, so keep yer peepers peeled. Thanks again and I'll hope to see you again soon :)

Special Note: Everyone knows blog posts are prettier with pictures included so the pics accompanying this post are snippets of games that will soon be featured here. Can you identify them all?


  1. I hope that the post count will go for
    OVER 9000!!


  2. That's quite an achievement. Thanks for all of your often amusing reviews! May there be many more :)

    1. Cheers buddy :) Things have slowed down somewhat in recent months but I still have plenty of stuff to post!