(listed alphabetically): Orange = Full Review; Yellow = Mini Review; Tan = Other Feature

180 for ZX Spectrum
1941: Counter Attack for PC Engine SuperGrafx
1942 for Arcade
3D Bomberman for MSX
90's Arcade Racer, The for PC
Ablation for PC
Ace of Aces for Sega Master System
Action Fighter for Sega Master System
Adventure for Atari 2600
Adventure Island for Nintendo NES
Adventures of Lolo for Nintendo NES
Aerial Assault for Sega Master System
Aero Blasters for PC Engine
Aero Fighters for Arcade
After Burner for Arcade ...and Master System
After Burner II for Arcade ...and again
Agony for Commodore Amiga ...and again
Airgrave for Sony PlayStation
Air Buster for PC Engine
Air Zonk for PC Engine
Akuji the Heartless for Sony PlayStation
Aldynes for PC Engine SuperGrafx
Aleste for Sega Master System
Alex Kidd in Miracle World for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again
Alex Kidd BMX Trial for Sega Master System
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars for Sega Master System ...and again
Alex Kidd in High-Tech World for Sega Master System
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for Sega Master System
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle for Sega MegaDrive
ALF for Sega Master System
Alien Breed for Commodore Amiga
Alien Crush for PC Engine ...and again ...and again
Alien Crush Returns for Nintendo Wii ...and again
Alien Spidy for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Alien Storm for Sega Master System
Alien Syndrome for Arcade
Alisia Dragoon for Sega MegaDrive
Alleyway for Nintendo Game Boy
Alpha Mission for Arcade
Alpha Mission 2 for SNK Neo Geo
Altered Beast for Arcade ...and again
Altered Beast for Sega Master System ...and Sega MegaDrive
Altered Space for Nintendo Game Boy
American Pro Football for Sega Master System
Amidar for Arcade
Amorous Professor Cherry for PC
Ampersand for PC
Andro Dunos for SNK Neo Geo
Angry Birds for Mobile
Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube
Antarctic Adventure for MSX ...and ColecoVision
Aozora Meikyuu for PC
APB for Atari Lynx
Apidya for Commodore Amiga
Aqua Jack for Arcade
Aquales for Sharp X68000
Argus for Nintendo NES
Arkanoid for Arcade ...and ZX Spectrum ...and again ...and again ...and MSX
Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh for Arcade
Armed Formation F for Arcade
Arrow Flash for Sega MegaDrive
ASO - Armored Scrum Object for Arcade
Assassin's Creed for Sony PlayStation 3
Assault City for Sega Master System
Assault of Space Mutants from Arctic Rainforests, The for PC
Asteroids for Arcade ...and Atari 2600
Astro Warrior for Sega Master System ...and again
Astro Wars the LCD game
Atlantis for Atari 2600
Atomic Punk for Nintendo Game Boy
Atomic Runner for Sega MegaDrive
Axelay for Nintendo SNES
Axiom Verge for PlayStation 4
Back to the Future Part II for Sega Master System
Back-Track for Dragon 32
Badlands for Arcade
Bad Omen for Sega MegaDrive
Baku Baku Animal for Sega Saturn
Bakuryu for Sony PlayStation
Baluba-Louk No Densetsu for Arcade
Bang Bang Racing for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Banjo-Kazooie for Nintendo 64
Bank Panic for Sega SG-1000
Bare Knuckle for Sega MegaDrive
Bari-Arm for Sega Mega CD
Batman for ZX Spectrum
Batman Returns for Sega Master System
Batsugun for Arcade
BattleSport for 3DO
Battle Ace for PC Engine SuperGrafx
Battle Axe for Various Formats
Battle OutRun for Sega Master System
Battle Pinball for Nintendo SNES
Battle Squadron for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again
Battle Squadron for Commodore Amiga
Beamrider for ColecoVision ...and Atari 2600
Be Ball for PC Engine ...and again
Beetle Adventure Racing for Nintendo 64 ...and again
Berzerk for Arcade ...and Dragon 32 ...and Atari 2600
Bibou for PC
Big Run for Arcade
Big Tournament Golf for SNK Neo Geo
Bimini Run for Sega MegaDrive
Binary Land for Nintendo NES
Bionic Ninja for Commodore 64
Black Belt for Sega Master System ...and again
Black Onyx, The for Sega SG-1000
Blade Eagle 3D for Sega Master System
Blades of Steel for Nintendo NES
Blaster Burn for MSX
Blaster Master for Nintendo NES ...and again
Blaster Master Jr for Nintendo Game Boy
Blast Corps for Nintendo 64 ...and again ...and again
Blast Wind for Sega Saturn
Blazing Star for SNK Neo Geo
Block Gal for Arcade
Block Hole for MSX2
Blood Factory for Sony PlayStation
Blue Stinger for Sega Dreamcast
Blue Wish for PC
Blue's Journey for SNK Neo Geo
Bomber Boy for Nintendo Game Boy
Bomberman for Nintendo NES ...and PC Engine ...and again 
Bomberman for Arcade
Bomberman Special for MSX
Bomberman 2 for Nintendo NES
Bomberman '93 for PC Engine
Bomberman '94 for PC Engine
Bomberman World for Arcade
Bomberland 64 for Commodore 64
Bomber King for Nintendo NES
Bomber King Scenario 2 for Nintendo Game Boy
Bomber Raid for Sega Master System
Bomb Jack for Arcade ...and Sega SG-1000 ...and Amstrad CPC
Bomb Jack Twin for Arcade
Bonk's Adventure for PC Engine
Booby Kids for Nintendo NES
Boom Zoo for Super A'Can
Borderline for Sega SG-1000
Bosconian for Arcade
Bounder for ZX Spectrum
Bowling for Atari 2600
Brian the Lion for Commodore Amiga
Brilliant Bob for PC
Brink for Sony PlayStation 3
Bubble Bobble for Arcade ...and again ...and again ...and again
Bubble Bobble for Sharp X68000 ...and Sega Master System
Bubble Shoot for Mobile
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom for Arcade ...and Sega SG-1000
Budokan: The Martial Spirit for Sega MegaDrive
Buggy Boy for Commodore 64
Bullet Pea for Mobile
BurgerTime for ColecoVision
Burning Angels for PC Engine
Burnout for Nintendo GameCube
Burnout 2: Point of Impact for Nintendo GameCube
Burnout Revenge for Xbox
Bust-A-Move for Arcade ...and again
Buster Bros for Arcade
California Games for Atari Lynx
Call of Duty: Black Ops for Sony PlayStation 3
Cameltry for Arcade
Captain Quazar for 3DO
Card Fighters Clash for SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
Castle, The for Sega SG-1000
Castle of Illusion HD for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Castle Quest for BBC Micro
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest for Nintendo NES
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Sony PlayStation
Castle Wolfenstein for Apple II
Catacomb for PC
Catacomb II for PC
Cathedral for PC
Caves of Doom, The for ZX Spectrum
Cavenaut for PC
Celery for NEC PC-98
Centipede for Arcade
Chack'n Pop for Arcade ...and Sega SG-1000
Championship Sprint for Arcade
Chan & Chan for PC Engine ...and again
Chase HQ for Arcade ...and again ...and again ...and ZX Spectrum
Checkered Flag for Atari Lynx
Chew-Man-Fu for PC Engine ...and again
Chime Super Deluxe for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
China Gate for Arcade
China Warrior for PC Engine ...and again
Chip's Challenge for Atari Lynx
Choplifter for Arcade ...and Sega SG-1000
Choro Q for MSX
Chronos for ZX Spectrum ...and again
Chuckie Egg for BBC Micro ...and again ...and again
Chuck Rock for Sega MegaDrive
Circuitry for ZX Spectrum
Circus Lido for PC Engine
Cloud Kingdoms for Commodore Amiga
Cloud Master for Sega Master System
Clu Clu Land for Nintendo NES
Cobra Triangle for Nintendo NES
Colin McRae Rally for Sony PlayStation
Colin McRae Rally for PC
Commando for Arcade
Congo Bongo for Sega SG-1000
Continental Circus for Arcade
Contra for Nintendo NES
Cookie for ZX Spectrum
Cosmic Wartoad for ZX Spectrum
Cosmo Gang: The Video for Nintendo SNES
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams for Arcade
Cottonhead for PC
Crack Down for Sega MegaDrive
Crackout for Nintendo NES
Cratermaze for PC Engine
Crazy Cars for ZX Spectrum
Crazy Cars 2 for Commodore Amiga
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for Xbox
Crimzon Clover for PC
Crisis Force for Nintendo NES
Crude Buster for Arcade
Cruis'n Exotica for Arcade
Curse for Sega MegaDrive
Cyber Cross for PC Engine
Cyber-Lip for SNK Neo Geo ...and again
Cybernoid for ZX Spectrum ...and again ...and again
Cyber Shinobi, The for Sega Master System
Daimakaimura for PC Engine SuperGrafx
Daley Thompson's Supertest for ZX Spectrum
Dangerous Dave for PC
Dangerous Seed for Sega MegaDrive
Dark Castle for Sega MegaDrive
Darwin 4078 for Arcade
Datastorm for Commodore Amiga ...and again
Daytona USA CCE for Sega Saturn
Dead Island for PlayStation 4
Death Race for Arcade
Deep Blue for PC Engine ...and again
Defender for Arcade ...and Atari 2600
Desert Strike for Sega MegaDrive ...and Atari Lynx
Destruction Derby for Sony PlayStation
Deviants for ZX Spectrum
Devilish for Sega MegaDrive
Devil's Crush for PC Engine ...and again ...and again
Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64
Dinoland for Sega MegaDrive
Divine Sealing for Sega MegaDrive
Dizzy for ZX Spectrum
Doki Doki Penguin Land for Sega SG-1000
Donkey Kong for Arcade
DonPachi for Arcade
Doraemon Meikyu Daisakusen for PC Engine
Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans for Sega MegaDrive
Double Dragon for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again ...and Atari Lynx
Double Dragon II for Nintendo NES
Dragon Egg! for PC Engine ...and again
Dragon's Fury for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again
Dragon's Revenge for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Dragon Spirit for ZX Spectrum ...and PC Engine ...and again
Dragon Wang for Sega SG-1000
Dragon Warrior for Nintendo NES
Drift Out for Arcade
Drift Out - The Hard Order for Arcade
Drift Stage for PC
Driller for Various Formats
Dr. Mad vs. The Topsy Turvy Moon Men of Mars for Commodore 64
Drol for Sega SG-1000
Dropzone for Commodore 64
Dr. Toppel's Adventure for Arcade
Drunken Master for PC Engine ...and again
Duck Hunt for Nintendo NES
Duck Tales for Nintendo NES ...and again
Dungeon Explorer for PC Engine
Dungeon Magic for Arcade
Dustforce for Sony PlayStation 3
Dweep Gold for PC
Dynablaster for Nintendo NES ...and Nintendo Game Boy
Dynamite Dux for Arcade ...and Sega Master System
Ecco the Dolphin for Sega MegaDrive
Eggerland Mystery for MSX
Electrocop for Atari Lynx
Elefunk for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Elemental Master for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Elevator Action for Sega SG-1000
Enduro Racer for Arcade Enduro Racer for Sega Master System ...and again
Energy for PC Engine
Enforcer for Commodore 64
Equinox: Solstice II for Nintendo SNES
Eric and the Floaters for ZX Spectrum
Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters for Arcade
Everybody's Golf for Sony PlayStation
Everybody's Golf for Sony PSP
Everybody's Golf World Tour for Sony PlayStation 3
Excitebike 64 for Nintendo 64
Exerion for Sega SG-1000
Exhaust Heat for Nintendo SNES
Exhumed for Sega Saturn ...and again
Exolon for ZX Spectrum
Extreme-G for Nintendo 64
F1 2012 for PlayStation 3
F1 Circus for PC Engine
Fairyland Story, The for Arcade
Fantasy World Dizzy for ZX Spectrum ...and again
Fantasy Zone for Sega Master System ...and Arcade ...and PC Engine
Fantasy Zone 2 for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again
Fantasy Zone Gear for Sega Game Gear
Fantasy Zone The Maze for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again
Fantasy Zone The Maze for Sega Master System again
Fast Food for ZX Spectrum
Fast Food for Commodore Amiga
Fatal Fury for SNK Neo Geo
Fatal Inertia EX for Sony PlayStation 3
Fighters Megamix for Sega Saturn ...and again
Final Fantasy for Nintendo NES
Final Fight for Arcade ...and Sharp X68000
Final Justice for MSX
Fire and Ice for Commodore Amiga
Fire Shark for Sega MegaDrive
Fire Track for BBC Micro
Flappy Bird for Mobile
Flicky for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and Sega SG-1000
Flimbo's Quest for Commodore Amiga
Flipper Slipper for ColecoVision
Flying Hero for Nintendo SNES
Flying Shark for Arcade ...and ZX Spectrum
Forgotten Worlds for ZX Spectrum
Formation Armed F for Arcade
Forza Motorsport for Xbox ...and again
Frak! for BBC Micro
Frogger for Arcade
From Out of the Jungle for ColecoVision
Frostbite for Atari 2600
F-Zero for Nintendo SNES ...and again ...and again
F-Zero Grand Prix 2 for Nintendo SNES
F-Zero X for Nintendo 64 ...and again ...and again ...and again
F-Zero X Expansion Kit for Nintendo 64DD
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
F-Zero GX for Nintendo GameCube ...and again
F-Zero GP Legend for Nintendo Game Boy Advance ...and again
F-Zero Climax for Nintendo Game Boy Advance ...and again
Galactic Protector for Sega Master System
Galaga '88 for PC Engine
Galmedes for Arcade
Gals Panic! for Arcade
Gargoyle's Quest for Nintendo Game Boy
Gargoyle's Quest II for Nintendo NES
Gates of Zendocon for Atari Lynx
Gauntlet for Arcade ...and again ...and Sega Master System ...and again
Gauntlet II for Arcade
Gauntlet IV for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Gee Bee for Arcade
Gemini Wing for Arcade ...and ZX Spectrum
Genetos for PC
Gex for 3DO
Ghostbusters for Sega MegaDrive ...and Sega Master System
Ghost House for Sega Master System
Ghost Pilots for SNK Neo Geo
Ghosts'n Goblins for Arcade
Ghosts'n Demons for PC
Gift From The Gods for ZX Spectrum
Gigandes for Arcade
Girl's Garden for Sega SG-1000
Gley Lancer for Sega MegaDrive
Globdule for Commodore Amiga
Gloop Troops for ZX Spectrum
Go! Go! Mile Smile for Arcade
Golden Axe for Arcade ...and again
Golden Axe for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again
Golden Axe for Bandai WonderSwan ...and Sega Master System
Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64 ...and again ...and again
Golvellius for Sega Master System ...and again ...and MSX
GP World for Sega SG-1000
Gradius for PC Engine ...and again ...and again
Gradius 2 for Sharp X68000
Granada for Sega MegaDrive
Grand Prix for Atari 2600
Grand Prix Simulator for ZX Spectrum
Grand Tour Racing '98 for Sony PlayStation Total Drivin' for Sony PlayStation
Gran Turismo for Sony PlayStation ...and again ...and Sony PSP
Gravitar for Arcade 
...and Atari 2600
Great Baseball for Sega Master System ...and again
Great Basketball for Sega Master System
Great Football for Sega Master System
Great Golf for Sega Master System ...and again
Great Ice Hockey for Sega Master System
Great Soccer for Sega Master System ...and again
Great Volleyball for Sega Master System
Green Beret for Arcade
Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude! for Sega MegaDrive
Gribbly's Day Out for Commodore 64
Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn
Guardic for MSX
Guilty Gear Petit for Bandai WonderSwan
Gulkave for Sega SG-1000
GunForce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island for Arcade
Gun Frontier for Arcade
Gunhed for PC Engine ...and again ...and again
Gun-Nac for Nintendo NES
Gunpey for Bandai WonderSwan
Guzzler for Arcade
Gynoug for Sega MegaDrive
Hachoo! for Arcade
Hagane: The Final Conflict for Nintendo SNES
Halley Wars for Sega Game Gear
Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox
Hammer Away for Arcade
Hang-On for Arcade ...and again ...and Sega Master System
Hang On II for Sega SG-1000
Happy Monster for Commodore Amiga
Harricana for Atari ST
Haunted Castle for Arcade
Head Over Heels for ZX Spectrum ...and again ...and MSX2
Heavenly Sword for PlayStation 3
Heavy Unit for PC Engine ...and Arcade
Hellfire for Sega MegaDrive 
...and again ...and again ...and Arcade
H.E.R.O. for Atari 2600 ...and Sega SG-1000
Herzog for MSX
High Velocity – Mountain Racing Challenge for Sega Saturn
Hoppin' Mad for Commodore 64
Horace Goes Skiing for Dragon 32
Hotdog Storm for Arcade
Hot Rod for Arcade
Hustle Chumy for Sega SG-1000
Hybris for Commodore Amiga
Hydra for Atari Lynx
Hydorah for PC
Hydro Thunder for Sega Dreamcast ...and again ...and again
Hyper Battle Game: Zen-Nippon GT Senshuken for Nintendo SNES
Hyper Sentinel for Various Formats
I Am Level for Mobile
Ibb & Obb for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Icebreaker for 3DO
Ice Climber for Nintendo NES
Image Fight for PC Engine
Immortal, The for Sega MegaDrive
Impossible Mission for Commodore 64
Imouto Paradise! for PC
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for Sega Master System
Indy 500 for Atari 2600
Infinos for PC
Insector X for Arcade
Instant Dungeon! for PC
International Karate for Commodore 64
International Victory Goal for Sega Saturn
Jade Empire for Xbox ...and again
Jaki Crush for Nintendo SNES ...and again
James Pond: Underwater Agent for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
James Pond 2 Codename: Robocod for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Jet Force Gemini for Nintendo 64
Jetpac for ZX Spectrum
Jinmu Denshou Yaksa for PC Engine
JJ & Jeff for PC Engine ...and again
John Madden Football for 3DO ...and again
Journey to the Laugh for Super A'Can
Joy Joy Kid for SNK Neo Geo
Judgement Silversword for Bandai WonderSwan
Jumping Jack'Son for Commodore Amiga
Kamui for PC
Kanon for PC
Karate for Atari 2600
Karate Champ for Arcade
Kato-chan & Ken-chan for PC Engine ...and again
Keio Flying Squadron for Sega Mega CD
Kenseiden for Sega Master System ...and again
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken for Nintendo NES
Kid Gloves for Commodore Amiga
Kid Icarus for Nintendo NES ...and again
Kid Kool for Nintendo NES
Killing Time for 3DO
King of the Monsters for SNK Neo Geo
Kira Kira Star Night for Nintendo NES
Kirby's Adventure for Nintendo NES ...and again
Kitten Kaboodle for Arcade
Knight Lore for ZX Spectrum
Konami GT for Arcade
Krakout for ZX Spectrum
Kuhga - Operation Code Vapor Trail for Sega MegaDrive
Kujaku Ō for Sega Master System ...and again
Kujaku Ōu 2 for Sega MegaDrive
Kula World for Sony PlayStation
Kwik Snax for ZX Spectrum
Lady Bug for ColecoVision
Kung Fu, The for PC Engine ...and again
Lady Killer for Arcade
Land of Illusion for Sega Master System
Last Battalion for PC Engine
Last Battle for Sega MegaDrive
Last Bronx for Sega Saturn
Last Resort for SNK Neo Geo
Las Vegas Girls for Arcade
L.E.D. Storm for Commodore Amiga ...and again
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The for Nintendo 64
Le Mans 24 Hour for Sega Dreamcast
Life Force for Nintendo NES
Lightbringer for Arcade
Lightforce for ZX Spectrum
Lightning Fighters for Arcade
Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar for Sega MegaDrive
Liquid Kids for PC Engine
Little Nemo for Nintendo NES
Loaded for Sony PlayStation
LocoRoco for Sony PSP ...and again ...and again
Lode Runner for Arcade
Lords of Thunder for Sega Mega CD
Lost Vikings, The for Sega MegaDrive
Lot Lot for Nintendo NES
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge for Commodore Amiga
Lucky Dime Caper for Sega Master System
Lumines for Sony PSP
Luna Crabs for ZX Spectrum
Lunar Lander for Arcade
Lure of the Temptress for PC
Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie for Nintendo SNES
Mad Gear for Commodore Amiga ...and again
Madouou Granzort for PC Engine SuperGrafx
Magical Cat Adventure for Arcade
Magical Chase for PC Engine
Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Magical Kid Wiz for MSX
Magical Puzzle Popils for Sega Game Gear
Magic Serpent for Commodore Amiga
Magical Pop'n for Nintendo SNES
Magician Lord for SNK Neo Geo
Mailstrom for ZX Spectrum
Makai Prince Dorabocchan for PC Engine
Maniac Mansion for Nintendo NES
Manic Miner for ZX Spectrum
Mappy for Arcade
Manx TT Superbike for Sega Saturn
Marble Madness for Sega MegaDrive
Mario Bros for Arcade
Marvel Super Heroes for Sega Saturn
Mass Destruction for Sega Saturn
Match Day for ZX Spectrum
Mayhem in Monsterland for Commodore 64
Maze Hunter 3D for Sega Master System
Mega Bomberman for Sega MegaDrive
Mega Mania for Atari 2600
Mercenary Kings for PC
Metal Black for Arcade
Metal Stoker for PC Engine
Metal Hawk for Arcade
Metroid for Nintendo NES ...and again
MicroBot for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Micro Machines for Sega MegaDrive
Microprose Soccer for Commodore 64
Mighty Bomb Jack for Nintendo NES ...and again
Mighty No. 9 for Sony PlayStation 4
Mikie for Sega SG-1000
Millennium Soldiers: Expendable for Sega Dreamcast
Milon's Secret Castle for Nintendo NES
Missile Defence 3D for Sega Master System
Mojo! for Xbox
Monaco GP for Sega SG-1000
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom for PC ...and again ...and PS4
Moon Cresta for Arcade
Moon Patrol for Arcade
Morph for Commodore Amiga
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology for Xbox
Motorcycle Club for PlayStation 3
Motorhead for Sony PlayStation
Motoroader for PC Engine ...and again
Motos for Arcade
Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise for Nintendo Game Boy
Mr. Driller for Sega Dreamcast
Mr. Nutz for Nintendo SNES
Mystic Defender for Sega MegaDrive
NAM-1975 for SNK Neo Geo
Naxat Open for PC Engine
Nebula Retro for PC
Nebulus for Commodore 64
Need For Speed, The for 3DO ...and again
Nemesis for ZX Spectrum
Neo Drift Out for SNK Neo Geo
Neo Turf Masters for SNK Neo Geo ...and again
Neutopia for PC Engine ...and again
New Star GP for PC
New Zealand Story, The for Sega MegaDrive 
New Zealand Story, The for Sega Master System ...and again
NFL Blitz 2000 for Sega Dreamcast
NFL Sports Talk Football '93 for Sega MegaDrive
Ninja, The for Sega Master System ...and again ...and Sega SG-1000
Ninja Gaiden for Xbox ...and again
Ninja Princess for Arcade ...and Sega SG-1000
Ninja JaJa Maru-kun for Nintendo NES
Ninja Spirit for PC Engine
Ninja Twins for PC
Ninpen Manmaru for Sega Saturn
Noble Works for PC
N.O.M.A.D. for ZX Spectrum ...and again
No Man's Sky for PC ...and PlayStation 4
Nova Blast for ColecoVision
N-Sub for Sega SG-1000
Obake no Koushinkyoku for PC
Obitus for Nintendo SNES
Off-World Inteceptor for 3DO
Oids for Atari ST
Okami for Nintendo Wii
Onslaught for Commodore Amiga
Operation Wolf for Arcade ...and again ...and Sega Master System
Ordyne for PC Engine
Orguss for Sega SG-1000
Out to Lunch for Nintendo SNES
OutRun for Arcade ...and again ...and again ...and again
OutRun 3D for Sega Master System ...and again
OutRun Europa for Sega Master System
OutRunners for Arcade
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast for Sony PlayStation 2
Overdrive for BBC Micro
Over Drivin for 3DO
Over Horizon for Nintendo NES
Override for PC Engine
P-47 the Freedom Fighter for PC Engine ...and Arcade
P-47 Aces for Arcade
Pacar for Sega SG-1000
Pac-Man for Arcade ...and Atari 2600
Pac-Land for Arcade ...and Atari Lynx
Page Chronica for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Pang for Arcade
Pang 3 for Sony PlayStation
Pang Adventures for PC ...and again
Panzer Paladin for Various Formats
Paperboy for Atari Lynx
Paprium for Sega MegaDrive
Paradroid for Commodore 64
Pataank for 3DO
PC Kid for PC Engine
Peek-a-Boo! for Arcade
Pengo for Arcade
Penguin Land for Sega Master System
Pilotwings for Nintendo SNES
Pipe Dream for Nintendo NES
Pit, The for Arcade
Pitfall! for Atari 2600
Pit Pot for Sega Master System
Pitstop for Commodore 64
Pitstop II for Commodore 64
PixelJunk Shooter for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Planet Patrol for Atari 2600 ...and again
Platypus for Sony PSP
Play Girls for Arcade
Plump Pop for Arcade
Plus Alpha for Arcade
Pocket Gal for Arcade
Pole Position for Arcade
Ponpoko for Arcade
Pop Flamer for Sega SG-1000
Pop'n TwinBee for Nintendo SNES
Porsche Challenge for Sony PlayStation
Poseidon Wars 3D for Sega Master System
Pou! for Mobile
Power Strike for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again ...and again
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 for Arcade
Project CARS - Pagani Edition for PC
Project-X for Commodore Amiga
Pro Wrestling for Sega Master System
Pssst for ZX Spectrum
Psycho Fox for Sega Master System ...and again ...and again ...and again
Psyvariar Delta for Various Formats
Puffy's Saga for Atari ST
Pu.Li.Ru.La for Arcade
Pulsar for Arcade
Pulstar for SNK Neo Geo
Punch Out! for Nintendo NES
Putt & Putter for Sega Game Gear
Puzzle Bobble for Arcade ...and again
Q*bert for ColecoVision
Qix for Atari Lynx
Quake 2 for Nintendo 64
Quartet for Sega Master System ...and again
Quarth for MSX2
Qwak for Commodore Amiga ...and BBC Micro
Rabi-Ribi for Sony PlayStation 4
Racing Apex for PC
Radiant for Mobile
Rad Racer for Nintendo NES
Raiden for Arcade ...and PC Engine
Raiden Fighters for Arcade
Raimais for Arcade
Rainbow Islands for ZX Spectrum
Rainbow Islands Putty's Party for Bandai WonderSwan
Rambo 3 for Sega Master System
Rampage for Atari Lynx
Rastan for Arcade ...and Sega Master System
Ray-Hound for PC
RC Pro Am for Nintendo NES
Recca for Nintendo NES
Redout for Sony PlayStation 4
Reinforcer for Sharp X68000
Renegade for Arcade
Repton for BBC Micro
Rescue Mission for Sega Master System
Rescue On Fractalus! for Commodore 64
Retro/Grade for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Retro Racing for Mobile
Retrowave for PC
Return Fire for 3DO ...and again
Revenge of Shinobi, The for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again
Rick Dangerous for Atari ST
Ridge Racer for Sony PlayStation
Ridge Racer Revolution for Sony PlayStation
Ridge Racer Type 4 for Sony PlayStation
Riding Hero for SNK Neo Geo
Rise of the Tomb Raider for PlayStation 4 ...and again
Rise of the Triads for PC
Ristar for Sega MegaDrive
River Raid for Atari 2600 ...and again
Roadblasters for Atari Lynx
Road Blaster FX for Sega Mega CD
Robo Aleste for Sega Mega CD
Robo Army for SNK Neo Geo
Robocco Wars for Nintendo NES
Robo-Squash for Atari Lynx
Robotron 2084 for Arcade
RoboWarrior for Nintendo NES
Rock n' Bolt for Sega SG-1000
Rock n' Roll Racing for Nintendo SNES
Rod-Land for Arcade
Rolling Thunder for Arcade
Rolo to the Rescue for Sega MegaDrive ...and again
Royal Edoma Engine for PC
R-Type for Arcade ...and again ...and Sega Master System ...and again
R-Type for PC Engine ...and ZX Spectrum
R-Type 3 for Nintendo SNES
R-Type Final 2 for Sony PlayStation 4
Rush Hour for Sony PlayStation
Rush'n Attack for Arcade
Safari Hunt for Sega Master System
Saint Dragon for Arcade
Sakura Swim Club for PC
Sango Fighter for Super A'Can
Sapo Xulé: Os Invasores do Brejo for Master System
Saturn Bomberman for Sega Saturn
Savior for Various Formats
Scorcher for Sega Saturn
Scorpio for Commodore Amiga
Scramble for Arcade
Scramble Spirits for Arcade
Screamer for PC
Scumball for Commodore 64
Secret of Monkey Island, The for Commodore Amiga
Section Z for Nintendo NES
Sega Classics Arcade Collection for Sega Mega CD
Sega Galaga for Sega SG-1000
Sega GT for Sega Dreamcast
Sega GT 2002 for Xbox
Sega Ninja for Arcade
Sega Rally for Sega Saturn ...and again
Sega Rally 2 for Sega Dreamcast
Sega Touring Car for Sega Saturn
Sega World Drivers Championship for Arcade
Shadow Dancer for Arcade
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi for Sega MegaDrive
Shining Wisdom for Sega Saturn
Shinobi for Arcade ...and again ...and Sega Master System ...and again ...and again
Shinnyushain Tooru Kun for Sega SG-1000
Silkroad - Legend of Gero for Sharp X68000
Silkworm for Atari ST
Silpheed for Sega Mega CD
Sinistron for PC Engine
Skooter for MSX
Skyblazer for Nintendo SNES
Sky Kid for Nintendo NES
Slap Fight for Arcade ...and ZX Spectrum
Slime Rancher for Sony PlayStation 4
Smurfs, The for Sega Master System
Snail Maze for Sega Master System
Snake Rattle 'n' Roll for Nintendo NES
SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash for SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
Snowboard Kids for Nintendo 64
Solar Striker for Nintendo Game Boy
Soldier Blade for PC Engine
Sol-Feace for Sega Mega CD
Solstice for Nintendo NES ...and again
Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega MegaDrive ...and Master System
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again
Sonic Mania for PC ...and Sony PlayStation 4
Sonic Utopia for PC
Sonic X-Treme for PC
Sonic Wings for Arcade
SonSon for Arcade ...and Nintendo NES
Soul Calibur for Sega Dreamcast
Space Fantasy Zone for PC Engine CD
Space Harrier for Arcade ...and Sega Master System ...and again
Space Invaders for Arcade ...and Atari 2600
Space Landing S-Type Mission 2 for Sharp X68000
Space Panic for ColecoVision
Space Slalom for Sega SG-1000
Space Station Silicon Valley for Nintendo 64 ...and again ...and again
Space Taxi for Commodore 64
Spaghetti and Marshmallows for Mobile
Speed Devils for Sega Dreamcast ...and again
Speedster for Sony PlayStation
Speedy Dragon for Super A'Can
Spellcaster for Sega Master System ...and again
Spelunker for Nintendo NES
Spider Fighter for Atari 2600
Spider: The Video Game for Sony PlayStation
Spiky Harold for ZX Spectrum
Spirit of Speed, The for Sega Dreamcast
Splatterhouse for Arcade ...and again
Splinter Cell for Xbox
Split/Second for Xbox 360 ...and Sony PlayStation 3
Sprint 2 for Arcade
Spy vs Spy for Sega Master System
Squirbs for PC ...and again
Starfox for ZX Spectrum
Stargate for Atari 2600
Star Control for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again
Star Control II for 3DO ...and again ...and again ...and again ...and again ...and again ...and again
Star Control Origins for PC
Star Fighter for 3DO ...and again ...and again ...and again
Starflight for Sega MegaDrive
Star Force for Arcade
Star Fox for Nintendo SNES
Star Jacker for Sega SG-1000
Star Soldier for Nintendo NES
Star Wars for Arcade
SteamWorld Dig for PC
Steel Battalion for Xbox
Storm Caliber for PC
Stormlord for Sega MegaDrive
Street Fighter for Arcade
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior for Arcade ...and Nintendo SNES
Street Fighter Alpha 2 for Sega Saturn
Street Fighter III: Third Strike for Sega Dreamcast
Streets of Rage for Sega MegaDrive
Streets of Rage 2 for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again
Streets of Rage 4
Strider for Arcade ...and Sharp X68000
Strike Gunner S.T.G. for Nintendo SNES
Strike It for ColecoVision
Strip Fighter II for PC Engine
STUN Runner for Arcade ...and Atari Lynx
Subnautica for PlayStation 4 ...and again
Superfrog for Commodore Amiga
Super Aleste for Nintendo SNES ...and again
Super Baseball 2020 for SNK Neo Geo
Super Bomberman for Nintendo SNES ...and again
Super Cycle for ZX Spectrum
Super Fantasy Zone for Sega MegaDrive
Super Glob for Arcade
Super Hang-On for Sharp X68000
Super HQ for Sega MegaDrive
Super Mario Bros 3 for Nintendo NES ...and again
Super Mario Kart for Nintendo SNES
Super Mario World for Nintendo SNES
Super Metroid for Nintendo SNES
Super Pinball Action for Arcade
Super Off Road for Sega Master System
Super Robin Hood for ZX Spectrum
Super Shinobi, The for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again
Super Sidekicks for SNK Neo Geo
Super Smash TV for Nintendo SNES
Super Sprint for Arcade
Super Spy, The for SNK Neo Geo
Super Star Soldier for PC Engine
Super Tank for Sega SG-1000
Surviving Mars for Sony PlayStation 4
Switchblade for Atari ST
Syvalion for Nintendo SNES ...and Arcade
Tank Hero for Mobile
Tatsujin for Arcade
Tecmo Super Bowl for Nintendo NES ...and again
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Arcade
Tee Off for Sega Dreamcast
Terry's Big Adventure for Commodore Amiga
Test Drive for Atari ST
Test Drive Unlimited for PC ...and again
Tetris for Nintendo Game Boy
Thrust for BBC Micro ...and again
Thunderhawk for Sega Mega CD
Thunder Force for NEC PC-88 ...and NEC PC-98
Thunder Force 2 for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again
Thunder Force 2 for Sharp X68000
Thunder Force 3 for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again
Thunder Force 3 for Sega MegaDrive
Thunder Force 4 for Sega MegaDrive
Thunder Force AC for Arcade
Thunder Spirits for Nintendo SNES
Thunder Storm FX for Sega Mega CD
Thunder and Lightning for Nintendo NES
Tiger Heli for Arcade
Time Pilot for MSX
ToeJam & Earl for Sega MegaDrive
Toki for Arcade ...and Atari Lynx
Toki Tori for Nintendo Game Boy Color
Toobin' for Arcade
Top Gear for Nintendo SNES
Top Hunter for SNK Neo Geo
Top Player's Golf for SNK Neo Geo
Torus Trooper for PC
Total Drivin for Sony PlayStation ...and again
Touge: King the Spirits for Sega Saturn
Tower 57 for PC
Transbot for Sega Master System
Tranz Am for ZX Spectrum
TRAZ: Transformable Arcade Zone for Commodore 64
Treasure Adventure Game for PC
Treasure Island Dizzy for ZX Spectrum
Trigon for Arcade
Trolls and Tribulations for Commodore 64
Trouble World for Sega MegaDrive
Truxton for Arcade
Turbo OutRun for Arcade
Turrican for Commodore 64
Twin Cobra for PC Engine
Twinkle Tale for Sega MegaDrive
Two Crude Dudes for Arcade
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for Xbox
Uchuu Race: Astro Go! Go! for Nintendo SNES
Up'n Down for Atari 2600
Uo Poko for Arcade
Uridium for Commodore 64
Valis: The Fantasm Soldier for Sega MegaDrive ...and MSX
Vampire Saviour for Sega Saturn
Vanquish for Sony PlayStation 3
Vapor Trail: Hyper Offense Formation for Sega MegaDrive
Venture Kid for PC ...and again
Vessel for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Victory Run for PC Engine
Vindicators for Nintendo NES
Viewpoint for SNK Neo Geo ...and Sony PlayStation
Viewpoint 2064 for Nintendo 64
Vigilante for Sega Master System
Violence Fight for Arcade
Violent Soldier for PC Engine
Virocop for Commodore Amiga
Virtua Fighter for Arcade
Virtua Fighter 2 for Sega Saturn
Virtua Racing for Arcade
Völgarr the Viking for PC
Vroom for Atari ST
Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car for Arcade
Wani Wani World for Sega MegaDrive
Wanted for Sega Master System
Wanted: Monty Mole for ZX Spectrum
Wardner for Arcade
Wave Race for Nintendo Game Boy
Wave Race 64 for Nintendo 64 ...and again
WEC Le Mans 24 for Arcade
Wetrix for Nintendo 64 ...and again
Wild Rapids for Sony PlayStation
Wings of Wor for Sega MegaDrive
Wipeout for Sega Saturn
Wizard of the Immortal for Sega MegaDrive
Wizards and Warriors for Nintendo NES
Wiz 'n' Liz for Sega MegaDrive ...and again ...and again ...and again ...and again
Wizball for Commodore 64
Wizorb for PC
Wonder Boy for Arcade
Wonder Boy Returns for PC
Wonder Boy in Monster Land for Sega Master System
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap for Sega Master System ...and again
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap for PC ...and again
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World for Various Formats
Wonder Momo for Arcade
Wonderputt for PC
Woody Pop for Sega Game Gear
World Grand Prix for Sega Master System
World of Illusion for Sega MegaDrive
Worms for PC
Worms Armageddon for Sega Dreamcast
XCom: Enemy Unknown for PC
XDR: X-Dazedly-Ray for Sega MegaDrive
Xenon for Atari ST ...and ZX Spectrum
X-Men vs Street Fighter for Arcade
Xybots for Atari Lynx
Xydonia for PC
Yamamoto-san for PC
Yamato for Sega SG-1000
Yars' Revenge for Atari 2600
Yie Ar Kung Fu for Arcade
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles for Sony PlayStation 4
Yume Penguin Monogatari for Nintendo NES
Zanac for Nintendo NES
Zany Golf for Sega MegaDrive
Zaxxon 3D for Sega Master System
Zig Zag Cat for Nintendo SNES
Zillion for Sega Master System ...and again
Zippy Race for Sega SG-1000
Zoom! for Sega MegaDrive
Zoom 909 for Sega SG-1000
Zooo for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Zub for ZX Spectrum
Zugya for Sharp X68000
Zupapa! for SNK Neo Geo
Zynaps for ZX Spectrum

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