Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Top Five Streets of Rage Characters

For many, the Streets of Rage name is synonymous with the very finest of scrolling fighting games, even eclipsing Final Fight, the game it was originally created to rival. One of the many great things about the series is its playable characters of whom there are six across the three official games in the series. That admittedly makes this Top Five somewhat pointless as only one of the characters will miss out, but as always it's just a bit of fun. The big question is, who's the loser?

5. Skate - Appeared in SOR2 & SOR3

This little pipsqueak debuted in the second game and is apparently kid brother to Adam from the original. Given his size and age, he would've been fast anyway, but he also has a pair of roller-blades so he is, by some margin, the fastest character in the game. The trade-off is power of course, but despite his speed making him effective nonetheless, he is still slightly unsatisfying to use. He has a nice breakdance-inspired special move though.

4. Adam - Appeared in SOR1

As one of the original trio of brave ex-cops-turned-vigilantes, Adam will always be someone's favourite. Justifiably so too - he's pretty powerful, has a great jumping kick, including a back kick variation as his special move, and despite having the lowest speed rating of the three, he's still plenty quick enough for most players. I almost felt bad that he was dropped for the subsequent games but I guess his style wasn't unique enough.

3. Max - Appeared in SOR2

In retrospect, I am surprised this block-headed lummox wasn't in the first game. He was clearly 'inspired' by the equally-substantial Haggar from Final Fight, after all. It's also a bit surprising that this was his only appearance in the series as his wrestling-inspired power moves were very popular among players. Given his bulk, he's rather slow, but that power is unrivalled, and who wouldn't enjoy performing atomic drops and skull-crushes?

2. Blaze - Appeared in SOR 1, SOR2 & SOR3

She's quick, she sounds cool when performing her special moves, she fights in a skimpy red outfit, even flashing her panties now and then. She is of course Blaze, resident SOR hotty. But despite having big boobs and fighting in a mere bra and thereby distracing most of the predominantly-male goons with her jigglyness, she is more than handy enough with her fists and feet to not even need them. Ass-kicking hotties are always great.

1. Axel - Appeared in SOR 1, SOR2 & SOR3

I've got one word to justify Axel's position at the head of this list and that's: Grand Upper. Okay, that's two words but you get the point. Although he is pretty cool, he also probably looks a little generic, but he has the perfect mix of speed and power. His move-set is my favourite of all the characters too, whether he's slamming punks into the ground, unleashing a flurry of uppercuts, or just kicking turtles in the face, he's always been my first choice goon-despatcher...

So yes, it's poor old Dr. Zan who misses out. As part-man, part-clanker, he's pretty effective, but just doesn't suit the style of the game if you ask me.


  1. IMO, Skate is the 2nd coolest character after Blaze, so seeing him last on the list make me sad :(
    That said, it's great to see a tribute to the players, and indeed the grab of Max dissin the Turtles is awesome! :D

    1. Least Skate is in the list at all! :) I thought Max was your favourite character though? I know how much you enjoy performing atomic drops on those pesky Turtles :P