Monday, 5 August 2019

PS4 Purchases #6

Axiom Verge by Thomas Happ Games (2015)

It's slightly startling to think about how long ago this was released as it still almost seems like a current release in my (peculiar) mind, but it has nonetheless been on my wanted list the whole time - first on Steam, then the physical PS4 version on Amazon which is of course the one I finally bought this past week. I was going to get the standard version which was available for the bargain sum of ten sheets. It is, however, bereft of any bells and whistles as you might well expect, unlike the fancy 'Multiverse Edition' which I thought cost significantly more. But soon after receiving my purchase, I found that the lovelier special edition was only fifteen nicker, so of course I swiftly returned the normal version and ordered the special one instead which, as you can see, also arrived promptly!

But was it worth the extra outlay? Well, it comes with a double-sided poster/game map, an art booklet featuring game info and artwork, a DVD featuring interviews, a 'making of' documentary, and also a couple of videos of the designers playing the game including a speed run. Oh, and there's also a physical copy of the game itself, which I guess is helpful (chuckle!). I'm not sure how much more this edition of the game cost at launch but there seems to be a lot of extras for a fiver! Of course, it would all be window-dressing without an actual decent game, but happily the Super Metroid-inspired adventure is among the very finest of recent years. I haven't played it too much yet but its quality is immediately apparent, so I'm very happy to have this splendid version of it. Full review to follow... eventually!


  1. Time flies quick these days...

    It seems like yesterday I was watching trailers for this one, looking forward to it and all that. Suddenly it's four years later, and I even bought this one in the Steam sale last October(!!) but still haven't got around to playing it.

    The extras look nice (especially that map), moreso considering you don't even get manuals with games nowadays.

    1. Haha, you're the same as me then, I've been meaning to buy and play this for... well, what turned out to be years! :P It was worth the wait though, it's a fantastic game :)