Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Top Five Pasta Shapes

I'm pretty sure there can't be many people out there who don't like pasta. I'm a huge fan, which could be why I have a huge waistline, and as long as it's not desecrated with disgusting cheese of any kind I'll rarely turn it down. There is, however, a great variety in the shapes that pasta comes in and this can be instrumental in its preparation and enjoyment. I expect everyone has their favourite shapes/styles. Here are mine:

5 - Spaghetti

4 - Farfalle

 3 - Fiori

2 - Cavatappi

1 - Fusilli



  1. Nice list, but no love for Ravioli? :(

  2. Thanks! I considered ravioli but it's more of a pasta meal than a pasta shape, isn't it? :P

  3. Conchiglie every time. I love the way the sauce and stuff gets all hidden inside. Even better when drowned under tons of melted parmesan (or grana padano, for a more delicate flavour), you should be burned at the stake, you cheese hating swine! ;)

  4. Parmesan cheese is the worst thing ever created by any race in any universe (apart from the 'Smart' car)! Just the smell of it sends me rushing to the toilet desperately trying to delay the violent eruptions :|

  5. Lol, my parents call it 'baby sick'... :P

  6. The straight 'tubes' are the best. I know they don't taste any different but for some reason, they're much better than plain old twists!

    Can't stand the green/orange pasta...yuck!