Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again and, although I'm a bit late in saying so, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! This is now the third 'festive season' since I started Red Parsley and, unlike last year when I was in Brazil for a month, this year I'm spending it all at home. For that reason, I didn't bother 'saving up' any features or reviews to post over the holidays like last year as I assumed I would have time to write some. This has turned out to not be the case as a few regular readers here have noticed! As well as spending time with my lovely wife, we actually have some friends staying with us which has been really nice but has also unexpectedly deprived me of any blogging time I might otherwise have had!

Helpfully, however, our guests include a great friend of my wife and her husband who, as chance would have it, is a big gamer himself. Unsurprisingly, this means he likes PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii rather than twenty or thirty year old games like me but it has given me another of the pushes I so often need to try some of the so-called games for one of these new fangled machines, namely my seldom-used PS3. The results of this will probably make up a post here in the near future but for now I just wanted to offer my thanks to all my regular readers for your support and to convey my warmest seasonal greetings, even if I am rather late on one count!

It's been quite a year here at Red Parsley - there was the 200th review a while back and the 500th post just recently, amongst other things - and I hope you'll join me in making it an even better year next time around.



  1. Happy Xmas & NY to one and all :) You really did need to "get your toes wet" playing some 'so-called games'. Indeed, I relish a review - regardless if screengrab/photo is poor quality or even non-existent! :o So cheers to a great year for gaming and RP in 2013...... :p

  2. Cheers Marco and Luke. By the way, I wasn't saying 'so called games' in a derogatory way, more to imply that games are now so much more than mere games, or at least some are. Not sure I feel that's good or not but there it is all the way! PS3 reviews will not be found here often until I find a good source of screenshots though :|