Friday, 2 September 2016

Splendid MegaDrive Music #3

Gauntlet IV (1993)

There are several things this MegaDrive exclusive does to improve upon the already-splendid Gauntlet and one of them is its music. Neither the arcade version nor the mighty fine Speccy conversion on which I spent so much time featured any in-game music, but some cracking choons have been added to this MD version courtesy of Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata.

They all have cool names like 'March in the Dark' and 'Adventures of Iron' and they really do add a lot to the game in my opinion. Some are like rousing battle anthems, others create a sense of mystery, but one of my favourites is one called 'Whisper of Phantom'. It takes a little while to get going but... check check check it out:

Special Note: I didn't record this great tune myself, I'm just an admirer, so all credit to, firstly the original composer, and secondly the YouTube user who uploaded it!


  1. Agreed, MD music adds a great deal to this dungeon crawler! "Whisper of Phantom" is atmospheric, but I find it to be rather depressing :( "Sortie" is my fave that epitomises the spirit of adventure (and manic axe wielding) of Gauntlet 4. Come to think of it, where's the exit...?

  2. Yep, most of the tunes are great, a fantastic job by the composers. I've got most of them on my phone :)