Wednesday, 4 September 2019

More Milestones Fall at Red Parsley!

Times have been hard here at Red Parsley for many moons now. Long gone are the days when I could rustle up 4 or 5 posts a week, getting thousands of visitors a day in the process. A lack of time and dibilitating bouts of depression and/or laziness have conspired to greatly reduce the number of posts here. I believe I've mentioned all this before though, and as Pop always says - never backward, always forwards. So wearily I continue to trudge forth in a perpetually despondent haze.

Apparently going unnnoticed during this mournful period were two landmarks here at Red Parsley of the type I would previously have planned for and marked with grand celebratory posts of appropriate jolliness. These two landmarks were: posting my 500th full game review, and achieving 1,000,000 pageviews.

I only just noticed the former - I've actually posted 501 game reviews now which I guess must mean the 500th was Platypus without me even noticing! Had I realised beforehand, I would most likely have selected a special game to review for the occasion, much like I did for my 200th review. Oh well, nevermind, I hope you'll agree it's still a pretty decent achievement, at least for a bumbling oaf like me!

As for the million pageviews... Well, I'd noticed a good while ago that I was getting quite close to that titanic figure, but then I guess I just... forgot about it. But lo, when gazing unto my blog stats on a summer's morn not one moon past, did I see that the much-fabled barrier had indeed been breached! In fact, judging by the current figure and the average amount of pageviews I now get, it must've happened about a month ago, which means I didn't notice that either. Oops!

Of course, I guess it's not really that much of an achievement since most of the visits were probably people stumbling upon the page by accident only to immediately leave, never to return. You never know though, I guess, and I am nonetheless very grateful to any regular visitors I have had over these long years, and especially to those I may still have. So, please join me in the slightly muted celebration of my twin milestones! They probably won't be followed by many more but I shall continue to trudge forth for the time being! Thanks and... be excellent to each other.


  1. I have been visiting your site for years! Keep up the good work.