Saturday, 25 February 2012

Top Five Smells

Having so many different senses is wonderful but I think many of us would agree - if you had to lose one, it would probably be smell. Sight, hearing, and touch are all much more useful in everyday life and, while people who unfortunately lose one of these, or even never have it start with, do adapt to the loss (or absence), it does present a challenge. This wouldn't be the case if someone lost the ability to smell things but it would deprive them of many lovely aromas. Here are the first five splendid ones that popped into my head:

5 - Coffee Brewing

Until very recently I didn't even drink coffee - it always seemed to make me thirsty when I tried it which is the opposite of what a drink should do, surely? Regardless of whether I drank it or not though, the smell of it brewing, in one of those fancy machines, preferably, always made me want some. Hmmmm...

4 - Barbecues

One sure sign of the arrival of summer, here in the UK at least, is when the smell of barbecues fills the evening air. I'm not actually that keen on barbecued food, personally (although bangers like those pictured are awesome), I think it's more that the distinctive smell is like a announcement that it's a really nice evening...

3 - Bacon Frying

It's not particularly healthy and I actually don't eat it very often but, to quote good old Vicent Vega: "bacon tastes good!". He is of course correct and it smells pretty awesome while it's cooking too, especially if one is fortunate enough to wake to such an aroma. Mmmm, breakfast...

2 - Cut Grass

Much like the barbecues, the smell of freshly cut grass is a sure way of knowing the summer is upon us, and this (hopefully) means splendid, lazy days are here as well! Since I moved to the city it isn't nearly as common to encounter this smell (or indeed much in the way of grass) but when I lived in the country it was lovely...

1 - Bread Baking

But not as lovely as the divine smell of a bakery in the morning, baking their wares for the day! When I used to work nights, I cycled past just such a bakery on the way home and the smell was unbelievable. Fresh crusty bread, still warm, sometimes still too hot to even hold, for breakfast every morning... Mmmm, it was almost worth working nights for that treat...

No, it hasn't escaped my attention that four of these are food/drink-based! One thing that did amaze me, however, is that I didn't think to include the smell of my very favourite food - curry! Eeek!


  1. I don't drink coffee, I am Vegetarian and I get hay fever from cut grass. Bread is OK, but my favourite smell is too rude to post :-)

  2. Interesting list!

    The smell of cut grass is one of those things I really miss living in Japan. Homes here do not have lawns so you almost never get that smell, but like you it reminds me of summer so I quite miss it. The only time I ever get it is if I happen to be passing the sportsfield on campus after they cut the grass there.

  3. Hi Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous, I think I can guess what you're referring to! :P You don't have to drink coffee or eat meat to enjoy the smell though :)

    We don't get much grass around here either, Sean. When I lived with my parents in the country (well, it was a country-ish village I suppose) there was a field right outside my bedroom window, the smell was awesome in the spring and summer!

  4. When I saw the header straight away I thought Bacon but then I saw number one and had to agree, I love the smell of freshly made bread.

    Bizarrely I also love the smell of petrol, paint and polish.

  5. Haha, I quite like petrol and paint too, as long as they're not too strong. I also like the smell that vacuum cleaners make for some reason... :)

  6. I find it hard to disagree with any of those, but I would add the smell of rain on a sun-baked pavement. At least that's the best I can describe it. Rain on a hot sunny day has a lovely smell!

    This is one for the parents out there: the smell of your own baby's hair. That's a truly wonderful smell that will stay with me forever - even though I won't be having any more in the near future!

  7. Just let me know if you want me to drop off any more free smells at next visit? :D

  8. I know you'll save them up whether I want you to or not :P

  9. Hi Marc... you're right, a downpour when it's really dry is great. The other one scares me though :P I'm sure I'll go 'oh yeahh!' when I have my own though :)

  10. Nothing beats the smell of napalm in the morning.

  11. Haha, the smell of a petrol station forecourt sure is appealing in some ways :P