Sunday, 24 August 2014

Top Five Traditional Biscuits

Now that I think about it I'm really not sure how popular biscuits are in other parts of the world - I get the impression that it's mainly various kinds of cookies - but over here in the UK nearly everyone enjoys munching on tasty biscuity treats regularly, and usually one of the 'traditional' kinds too. I can scarcely imagine a day at work without having a pack handy, and preferably one of these delightful varieties:

Special Note: I personally have no interest in 'dunking' so the suitability of these biscuits for that nonsensical act has not been considered when compiling this list.

5 - Rich Tea

They have 'Round Biscuit' written on them

4 - Custard Cream

They have a fancy curly design

3 - Malted Milk

They have cows on them

2 - Digestive

They are made of wheat and therefore make it seem like they're good for you

1 - Bourbon

They are awesome in every way

Honourable mentions: Lemon Puffs, Nice, Orange Cream Fingers (a real rarity)


  1. I'm liking that in Italy we can not prove.
    They make me want to eat them all!

  2. I prefer rich tea fingers to the round ones. For some reason they taste different. Also, chocolate digestives are much better than plain!

  3. Hello Mr. Anonymous, thanks for dropping by :) You're right, I think I prefer fingers and chocolate ones respectively but they're only derivatives of the original so they don't qualify in their own right :P