Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Adult Games #5

Lady Killer (1993)
By: Yanyaka / Mitchell Corporation Genre: Action / Puzzle Players: 1 Difficulty: Medium
Featured Version: Arcade First Day Score: 155,700 (one credit)
Also Available For: Nothing

The distinct lack of originality I've found while looking into these so-called 'adult' games thus far has been... not entirely unexpected to be honest, but here I may have found one that's had at least a little effort put into it. You play the part of a diver called Gonta and it's his job, quite simply, to de-robe a succession of lovely ladies! Well, reveal their splendour in pictorial form at least, and he does this by... ummm... diving into them. Allow me to explain in more detail. First you must choose a lady. There are six available who apparently reside in various cities across the world. Choosing one sees our hero fly to that destination where he's met by a series of single screen stages. Each initially features a watery silhouette of your chosen lady which is revealed by the aforementioned diving. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds.

The splooshy images are tiled, you see - eight tall by six wide - and each tile that you dive into is turned, revealing part of the picture on the other side. Once Gonta dives in he can last for up to seven seconds before he has to dive back out (turning another tile in the process). Repeat until the whole picture is revealed. For some reason he is able to walk around the playfield unrestricted, whether tiles have been turned or not, but can only dive onto those that are unturned. There are also numerous enemies pootling around the stages of course, most of whom are armed with either close-quarters weapons (e.g. swords) or fire off lots of projectiles, and there are also 'smart mines' in the water. I'm not sure what's motivating them though - it can't be to spare the blushes of the ladies who are far from shy!

Suffice to say, contact with any of the idiotic buffoons is deadly. A stage is finished by completing uncovering an image which at first features a fully-clothed lady. Finish it again and she's lost some of her clothing. Finish it again and she's in her undies, and so on until she's totally in the buff. You get a flash of the uncovered image before the start along with an innuendo-laden comment from the vixen herself and, after the final nudey round, you get a weird masturbatory bonus game wherein you must 'waggle your joystick' (giggity) as quickly as possible while a partially obscured girly on-screen gets herself off. The 'harder you waggle', the more of her you see and the more she gets off. It's actually a bit disturbing but nonetheless, once you've done your duty it's onto the next lady to start again!

There are a couple of other bonus rounds in between the stages of undress too, although these are slightly less... weird. One of them tasks you with clicking on a tiled sequence of numbers in the right order before the timer runs out and the other is one of those sliding tile puzzles, but neither seems to effect the main game which is surprisingly fun to play. Like most other games of this type, the nude girlies add nothing - the pictures you uncover could just as easily be of cute animals or fancy cars or anything of an aesthetically appealing nature - but the process of revealing the pictures makes for a pretty decent game. The graphics, whilst somewhat repetitive and not especially impressive for their year, are quite pleasing and the music and effects are great, and there are a few power-ups to vary the gameplay a little too (extra oxygen, speed up, multi-tile-flipper, etc). There are even two secret girlies to unlock if you manage to disrobe the six standard offerings. Nude girls or not, though, you will probably get bored or this strangely-named game fairly quickly, but while it lasts it's a perfectly enjoyable game. Far from the worst adult-themed game I've played so far.

RKS Score: 6/10

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