Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Top Five Vegetables

Reviled during our youth and begrudgingly accepted in our adulthood, vegetables are seen by some as a necessary evil of sorts. Even today, I will accept them only as a supplement to a meal rather than as a meal themselves, but some are unquestionably nicer than others. Plus, it's always worth looking for other reasons to make them more appealing too, and here are the best ones that I've thought of so far :)

5 - Carrots

They help you see in the dark

4 - Broccoli

A group of them look like a forest canopy from above

3 - Pumpkin

It has infinite scary faces

2 - Peppers

They're colourful. And tasty

1 - Onions

The only thing that can make Chuck Norris cry


  1. I'm not sure why - maybe just because the primary focus is video games, but I immediately thought of the vegetable flinging antics of Super Mario Bros 2 when I saw this article's title. :)

  2. Onions are the number one unholy evil for me - hate 'em. The only veg that I actually like (as opposed to eat just because it's good for you) are carrots, peas and broccoli. What the hell are potatoes though? They are the ultimate in my opinion :)

    1. As far as I'm aware potatoes are classed as a tuber which means strictly speaking they're not a vegetable.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Vokel! :P I can understand why you might think that though - I've often thought about doing a Top Five Vegetable Games :)

    Hi Darkstalker - I was going to say that potatoes, while very nice, aren't really funny or interesting enough for inclusion, but I guess Turridan chewed my leg out of that bear-trap ;)

  4. Although strictly speaking, I think peppers and pumpkins are both fruits really :|