Sunday, 25 July 2010

Top Five Fizzy Drinks

Despite the fact that they gradually destroy your teeth whether you brush them or not, I'm sure we all love a nice cold fizzy drink when it's hot. Here are my favourites:

5. Lemon Tango
This one has become something of a rarity but unlike all the other flavours of Tango, this one actually is tangy! --pause-- (returns after some research)... It now transpires that Lemon Tango has been discontinued, hence it's rarity. :( I'm sure I found some about a year ago. Oh well, you'll be missed, tasty Lemon Tango, your less tangy but nearly equally splendid tasting brothers will have to suffice!

 4. Irn Bru
Apparently "made in Scotland from girders", this unique, orange coloured drink has been made for over a hundred years and successfully competed against the fizzy heavyweights from around the world, and with good cause too - it's lush! It's enduring popularity has no doubt been helped by the prevalence of WKD in recent years too, I know it reintroduced me to the drink!

3. Cherry 7Up
Here's another rare one, although I do at least know it's still being made! There's a few little corners of the city here that still sells it and I regularly seek them out! I do feel a little agrieved, however, to discover how much more abundant it apparently is in the US, where you can buy a diet version, and even... (hushed voice) big bottles of it. Lucky bastards!

2. Guarana
I discovered this one, or actually the whole Guarana phenomenom in general, during my first trip to Brazil where it's popular as Coca-Cola! I was warned by a friend who had already been to Brazil that it was 'as addictive as crack' and, whilst I've never actually sampled crack, or indeed any derivatives, it certainly is an addictive drink! Made from the small red fruits from Guarana plants which have a very high caffeine content, so extracts from it can be found this side of the Atlantic in energy drinks, and there are energy drink variants in Brazil too, but it's the soft drink which is the best in my opinion! There are several brands but the Guarana Antartica Zero is my favourite one. If you're ever in that neck of the woods, be sure to grab a few cans!

1. Pepsi Max
And the winnah! This has been my favourite drink of any kind since it was first introduced! It hasn't compelled me to take up any extreme sports or insult old people yet, but it sure tastes good! Nothing is as refreshing or thirst-quenching when I'm dying for a drink, and it's the best burp fuel there is, so it's also handy for entertaining friends! Plus, it makes a really nice mixer for Scotch...


  1. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to sugary fizzy drinks. Last time I had a whole can of full fat Coke I barfed it back up 10 minutes later.

    As a result I stick to sugar-free drinks like girly Diet Coke, or Pepsi Max. I'll sometimes have a crack at a Diet Mountain Dew when I'm stateside, but that's about as exciting as it gets. Guarana Zero sounds interesting...

  2. I know what you mean, I ALWAYS drink sugar-free drinks, except on the rare occasion I find some Cherry 7Up. :P Full sugar drinks don't make me throw up or anything, I just don't like them. That's one reason Pepsi Max is King! :P

  3. Noooooooooo!!! Not Pepsi Max :( I really hate the diet versions of most drinks (except the low-carbs version of Monster which tastes almost identical) and Pepsi Max is one of my most hated.

    Do agree with Cherry 7UP though. Tastes like liquid cherry bakewell cakes which is no bad thing. Kinda like cherry Tango which you can at least buy in 2 litre bottles. Cherry 7UP is so rare it hurts though :(

    I work in a wholesale place and it seems to sell quite well there so it's a mystery what the people buying it actually do with it because I can never find it!

  4. What's wrong with diet and sugar free drinks? Do you just not like the taste? Yes, Cherry 7Up is very rare, but I found a couple of places in the city that sell it so I swing by them now and then. One of them is a burger van so I accidentally get a burger or something at the same time! :P

  5. I just think the missing sugar is too obvious. Diet versions I can drink but it's the Max/Zero extremes that I really hate. The worst one I remember was Dr Pepper Zero which was utterly horrible.

    Also, your list needs more Lilt. Awesome drink :)

  6. Yes, Lilt is nice but the diet version is too rare! :P

  7. No idea they even DID a diet version!

  8. Whoa now...I think we're forgetting Sprite, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Dandelion and Burdock, Cherry Tango, Grape Fanta, Bigga Grape Soda, Rubicon Passion, Rubicon Mango, Lilt, Fizzy Vimto, Sunkist and all the way from Peru Inca Kola (google it).

    Wait is that more than five?

  9. They're all lush drinks for sure, Phil (the ones I've tried, at least!) :P

  10. RIP Irn Bru...

    5-Dr. Pepper (before they took most of the sugar out of it)
    3-Ka Grape Soda
    2-Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
    1-Barr Cream Soda

    1. I can't drink fizz with sugar but aside from that your list contains some splendid drinks :)

      p.s. What happened to Irn Bru? :(

    2. They changed the recipe (last year or the year before), and replaced a good chunk of the sugar with sweeteners. I tried one bottle and it was instant disappointment.

    3. Sounds as if I would like it more but I'll do some research first :P