Tuesday, 2 November 2010

100th Post!!

Yes, that's right - Red Parsley has now seen One Hundred Posts! I don't really have anything major to say here except... thanks! I've thoroughly enjoyed rambling on about all the nonsense posted here and I hope anyone who reads my page regularly has enjoyed it too. Special thanks and respect go to fellow blog writers and Retro Gamer Forum users JDanddiet (Graeme), StickHead (Marc), dste, retrojc (Josh), Fishsta, JetSetWilly (Mike), DPrinny (who has kindly added me to his 'New-Tabs' website), and Megamixer (Darkstalker90 - from whose site I seem to get quite a few hits!).

Thanks also to Facebook friends such as Rich, Phil, Tobias, and many others who read the page and comment on my links, and also to my good friend Luke, with whom I grew up playing many of the games I write about. These happy memories often inspire my writings and I'm sure they'll be many more to come! Final thanks go to my lovely wife, Renata. She really doesn't like videogames (except Angry Birds!) so the time I spend messing around with this page is often to her chagrin! Thanks, meu amor, te amo sempre! :)

One of the purposes of this blog is to provide me with an excuse to play many games that I've been meaning to for years, and to also help me to discover ones that I never even knew about. To this end it's been a success so far. I've played some great games and some not so great games, but it's certainly been interesting, and I have plenty more ideas yet for more games/series' to cover and some new features too. I hope everyone who regularly reads Red Parsley likes it and I'd love to hear some general feedback. Favourite / least favourite features, for example. Things you'd like to see more or less of. Making the page better can never be a bad thing, so let me know!

Thanks again to everyone who's read Red Parsley and everyone who's helped me, whether it's by linking to the page (like most of my fellow bloggers mentioned above), or by helping me with a game that I'm stuck on or need more information on (such as Oli_Lar and Antiriad for their 'obscure Japanese computer' help, Merman (Andrew) for his C64 help, Tepid Snake (Ant) for his recent Bubble Bobble help, etc) - it's greatly appreciated everyone, cheers! :)

100 Posts - Hooray!!

(back to normal business next post)


  1. Congratulations, RKS! Not just a hundred post, but a hundred quality posts. Here's to the next hundred!

  2. Thanks Josh, dste, and Marc, much appreciated! :)