Sunday, 14 November 2010

R3PLAY - the Gaming Expo in Blackpool - Part 3

Here's the rest of the pictures I took of the event itself and the various systems present there. Notice the 'Minimig', the lovely red Game Gear (is this a rare, limited edition version, or a custom job?), even a N64DD running F-Zero X Expansion Pack which I'm furious with myself for missing - I didn't even notice it until I went through my pictures! I'm a huge F-Zero X fan so, not only would I have destroyed all-comers at the game itself, but I also missed the opportunity to play the Expansion Pack too. Grrrr! It'd better be at the next retro show. I might go specially to play that! I was very pleased, however, to get the chance to play an Astro Wars machine again. I fondly recall a weekend visit to my cousin's house when I was young. As soon as I discovered he had an Astro Wars I spent pretty much the entire weekend playing that, even in the car as my parents collected me! It's still great fun too :)


Obviously the masses of consoles, computers, and arcade machines are a great reason to attend an event like this, another big reason is all the great people you can meet there, even a few industry legends! During my first day at R3Play, aside from event organiser, Gordon Sinclair, I only met a few people. That was Facebook friend, and apparently Red Parsley reader too, Pete, who was annoyed with me getting him re-addicted to Bubble Bobble. Sorry Pete! I was also pleased to meet Anna and Dave, also Facebook friends and operators of the splendid Attic Bug eBay store. It was great to finally meet them, but the next day I was pleased to meet many more people for the first time too!

I actually arrived just before the doors opened on the Sunday, and by virtue of having my Skeleton Saturn with me for the show, Luke and I were able to skip the several hundred-strong queue! Shortly after setting it up I was approached by fellow RG forumite and fellow blog writer, Graeme (of JDanddiet fame), and from here it went. I soon also met up with forumite and Facebook friend, Rich, and between the two of them I was introduced to lots of other RG forum users too! I was also lucky enough to meet Jeff Minter, Archer MacLean, and Steve Lycett, all of whom also did great presentations detailing their time in the games industry, as did Jon Hare who I missed out on meeting. Sadly, I also missed what must've been a great Ocean Software Retrospective with a panel of former Ocean greats.

Pics are, from left to right, top to bottom: RG forumites Paul, Chris, and Rich playing Sensible Soccer; Rich playing Robo Army on the NeoGeo (the other joystick was occupied by me!); Jon Hare of Sensible Software during his presentation; me with the legendary Archer MacLean; me with another legend Jeff Minter; me again with Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital; Hannah of ProjectorGames on DanceDanceRevolution; and Anna and Dave of Attic Bug :)

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