Sunday, 1 November 2015

Top Five Lottery Cars

Most of us dream of winning the lottery some day. The first thing many would do in my experience is leave their place of work (politely and considerately, giving ample notice I'm sure). Next up would probably be a luxury holiday which would most likely incorporate or be followed by a spending spree, and part of this would probably include a nice new car. I'm sure I'm not alone in giving some thought to the latter point in particular and, whilst there are literally hundreds of tempting options from all around the world, I think the five I would buy for myself would be these:

5 - BMW M3

I actually almost have one of these already (my current car is a BMW 320 M Sport) and it's also the only car on this list I've driven before (I did some powersliding in one at a track event), but it would still be one of my first post-winnings purchases. It would probably be my 'practical, everyday use' car - it has four doors, ample storage space, and isn't too low or wide to drive around town, but it still comes loaded with over 400 horse-power with which to see off any unruly challengers too.

4 - Aston Martin Vanquish

Representing my home country (as much as any car company can nowadays) is this beauty which really must be one of the finest looking cars ever made. The Vanquish, based of course on the awesome DB9, is powered by a six-litre V12 which produces 565 bhp and is capable of 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and can push it beyond the 200 mph barrier. I think I would mainly use it, however, as a long-distance grand tourer on the many road-trips and holidays I would be likely to take!

3 - Nissan GT-R

So that's my everyday and occasional long-distance travel taken care of, but what would I use when engaging in various irresponsible skylarkings? One great option would be Nissan's GT-R, the successor to the wonderful Skyline GT-R. Unlike the old GT-R's, however, which were limited by Japanese regulations to 276 bhp, the new version produces a monstrous 530 bhp and reaches nearly 200 mph. Plus, being a GT-R, its performance can be boosted to even more ridiculous levels too. Perfect for engaging in various street-racing-type tomfoolery!

2 - Tesla Model S

Well, with all those uneconomical pollution-spewers in my garage, I'd need something to balance them out, and what better electric car is there currently than the mighty Tesla Model S? I would consider having one already were it not for the price (which starts at around £80,000 as I understand it). They look good though, have a decent top speed (160 mph) and range (about 300 miles), and frankly amazing acceleration at under three seconds for the 0-60 mph, all from 100% electric power.

1. Lamborghini Aventador

But of course, I have to ruin it by having one ridiculous 'hypercar' (as some like to call them), and there are few as ridiculous in recent years as the latest spaceship-on-wheels from Lamborghini. It gets its significant power from a 6.5 litre V12 which produces almost 700 bhp, enabling it to reach 0 - 60 mph in under three seconds and onwards to a reputed top speed of 230 mph. More than enough for an old oaf like me who should probably save it for special occasions only!



  1. The GT-R is a real beauty and something I'd like to own. Like the Skyline before though, I can safely bet that finding a stock vehicle in years to come will be stupidly difficult. I'm not one for modifications and upgrades.

    I currently own a 2011 Civic Type-R GT and I have been totally won over by Japanese performance. Less so by 28mpg being the max that I've been able to wring from the engine thus far though lol. Hearing the engine scream when you put your foot down is dangerously addictive.

    Will always remember the Vanquish for 007: Die Another Day. Beautiful Car though I still prefer the V8 Vantage as seen in Living Daylights.

  2. Dude at work has M3, its got a menacing presence, and is certainly the "everyman" supercar! I'm happy to see an earth-friendly car here. Tesla came from nowhere, and have progressed very rapidly. Hardly any eco cars are desirable, but they've achieved this as well. Viva Tesla! :)

  3. Hi Mr. DS90, thanks for dropping by again :) I know what you mean about the Skyline - it's so customisable (like its other-company equivalents of the time) that most have been fiddled with now. I don't think the GT-R will suffer so badly though - it's already good enough to not need modding for many. Nice car you have there too - those Type-R Civics are great. Is it the one with triangular stuff all over it?

    Hey Lukey, what's going down ho? As you may know, our car is nearly an M3, but I drive a real one at Goodwood back in the summer. Power-sliding is easy :P And yes, the Tesla is the only desirable eco-car really, unless you consider those ridiculous (in a good way) hybrids from the likes of McLaren and Porsche :P We saw quite a few Teslas on our travels in Cali, although we saw even more Mustangs and Camaros, so... :P

    1. Yep that's the Civic. Not quite as awesome looking as the brand-new 300bhp £30,000 model but my budget doesn't stretch that far! Still looks really futuristic and spaceship-y which I like.

      Actually seen a lot of modded GT-R's in the magazines and on the internet with people souping them up to 1000bhp plus for drag events etc. Like you say, it's already good enough. Nutters!

    2. Haha, blimey, I should've known I suppose! :P It's already one of the fastest accelerating cars around, I dread to think how ludicrous a 1000bhp version is!

      Nice car you have there too. I remember when tested it on Top Gear, it looked like a lot of fun to drive. My BMW can certainly shift but it's not the most agile car around :P