Thursday, 19 August 2010

Top Five Star Trek Ships

Spaceships are pretty sweet. I want one. Not just some little shuttle craft or cargo ship though - I want one of those ones that looks like a racing car version of spaceship with big guns on it. There have have been some great examples of mean-looking ships, as well as crap or even funny-looking ones in the many sci-fi shows over the years. Star Trek is without question NOT the sci-fi show with the best looking ships, but it is a fantastic show (or 'franshise' of shows) that at least has spaceships. There have been lots that were seen in odd episodes here and there and never seen again, but of the major players in the Star Trek universe, here are what I think are the best:

5 - Borg Cube
Yes, it's looks pretty unremarkable in itself, but not many ships instantly strike fear into the heart like a Borg Cube! And when you've see one in battle, seen how huge and powerful it is, how it rips apart vessels left, right, and centre, you can't help but be in awe of it. Until Species 8472 came along and effortlessly destroyed 15 of them, of course!

4 - Jem'Hadar Battleship
The weird-looking junkies might be slaves but they've sure got some decent kit to play around with. This huge capital ship can easily slice a path through a Federation fleet without even breaking a sweat! Plus, it looks exactly like a big, scary, evil alien ship should - angry, imposing, powerful, and... cool!

3 - Klingon Bird of Prey
Yes it's small, but it sure packs a mean punch. They rarely attack alone, and a fleet of them are like a swarm of locusts, nibbling away until the target is neutralised, and on many occasions in the past these targets have been some our very own Federation vessels! They look cool, have cloaking devices, and can even land on... umm... stuff. I would be happy to own one of these babies!

2 - Romulan Warbird
There have been a few different ones of these but the one that made its mark on me is this one, first appearing in Next Generation. It's probably not the most efficient design, what with all the space in the middle wasted, but you don't often see one of them in trouble in a battle! Its designers clearly wanted to stay with the Roman Empire theme and it works - when one of them decloaks, you know you're in for an interesting time!

1 - USS Defiant
Well, they sure took their sweet time but finally the Federation creates a ship that doesn't suck ass! I know their main interest is exploration and the wussies don't want to upset anyone by daring to build something powerful, but would it really hurt to build a few actual warships? All those cumbersome, stupid-looking ships with saucers and sticky-outy warp nacelles... Let's face it, they couldn't fight their way out of a junk yard. The Defiant, however, is another story. It's small, maneuverable, and so powerful it had to have its 'structural integrity field' modified just so it didn't tear itself apart! It's armed with normal phasers and photon torpedoes, but also has fancy new pulse phasers, quantum torpedoes and special armour, and is even equipped with a cloaking device! It was a long time coming, but finally the Federation has a ship that looks cool and can kick ass!


  1. No Enterprise? Tsk, tsk. Still, like the Defiant. As Riker said: She's a tough little ship.

  2. Haha, no way! The Enterprise is hugely iconic and all that but it sucks! I would've included Voyager before any of the Enterprises :P

  3. yeh the enterprise always did look naff. these are much better choices.

  4. I guess I can understand why the original Enterprise was designed the way it was - it was the 60's when flying saucers were at their most popular, but that doesn't mean they had to make all the Starfleet ships look similar forever more! :|

  5. Not a fan of retro stylings, huh? I think the original Enterprise is the best piece of design to come out of the whole Star Trek phenomenon. The Bird of Prey looks incredibly cool, though. They used to look really menacing when emerging from their cloak.

  6. Bird of Prey is cool, should be in Star Wars.

  7. One ship that I believe would have made the odd ship list is from a STNG episode where an alien ship torched the entire planet except for a 1 kilometer square. The race was called the " Hoosenock " I think. The heavyweight cruiser they had fenced with the Enterprise, and on the first volley used 400kw hand wave energy level, the Enterprise replied with a 10% phaser shot across the bow, the alien ship promptly dropped Enterprise's shields to zero with a 400Gigawatt direct hit, Data informs Picard that the enemy is capable of far greater energy levels. The ship appears to be 10 to 20 times the mass of the Enterprise and is firing streams of positrons and jacketed anti-protons. Sound rough enough to make a second short list of these type one off ships.

  8. Well remembered sir, but wasn't that ship an illusion created by the old guy on the 1 kilometer square of land in order to drive off the Enterprise so his secret wasn't discovered? (I think he lost his temper and killed an entire race or something)