Friday, 16 March 2012

First Look PC #2

New Star GP by New Star Games (2011) - PC

Regular readers of Red Parsley will know of my fondness for overhead racing games so I was very pleased to hear about this new one. It's a surprisingly comprehensive game based on real F1. To that end, it includes all the courses, teams, and drivers from recent seasons (with slightly altered names in the case of the last two) and offers a nice selection of race options too, including quick race, full season (which can be saved), an online racing mode, and even a track editor! Races are viewed from directly overhead and, whilst quite zoomed-in, this still results in fairly small cars. Since they're each adorned in the proper livery for each team, though, losing your car amongst a group isn't really a problem. I've only played the quite extensive trial version so far (which has all the features mentioned) and I'm already addicted! The graphics are very detailed, the sound effects authentic, and the action, while fairly arcadey, is hugely enjoyable and atmospheric. Expect a full review when I buy the full version which I will definitely now do!

RKS Score: 5/5

Download the free demo of New Star GP here :)


  1. Awesome blog!

    Some overhead racers I'd really like reading your opinions on are Death Rally for the PC and Rush Rush Rally for the Dreamcast.

  2. Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like my humble blog! :) I'd love to feature more Dreamcast games but it's not a console I've yet managed to emulate so I can't grab my own screenshots. Most I've found via Google are tagged, poor quality, or both. Hopefully soon though!

    As for Death Rally... keep your eyes peeled! ;)