Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Babylon 5 Wallpapers

For a while now I've been making various sci-fi-related posts here at Red Parsley in between all the retro gaming stuff, and many of these have been about one of the first names that the term conjures up - Star Trek. However, my first love as far as this subject is concerned has always been Babylon 5 (well, since it first appeared at least), and while fooling around with my PC lately I discovered some old wallpapers I made many moons ago. What was I to do with these old and pointless occupants of my hard drive? Why, post them here of course! Therefore, for your (possible) viewing pleasure, please browse through (and click/enlarge) the fine images below!

Special Note: I would think it obvious but just to confirm - I didn't actually create the images themselves, I just found them online and fashioned them into these basic (and small - I was using an 800x600 display back then!) wallpapers. They might be worth browsing though anyway though! :)

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