Sunday, 28 September 2014

First Look NES #2

Lot Lot by Irem / Tokuma Shoten (1985) - NES

I've been playing video games for a long time now and I'd like to think I've got a pretty good general understanding of them, so it's not often I play a game that baffles me beyond recourse. When I gave Irem's puzzler here a try, however, I was and remain stumped. The object is to guide the many pellets from the top of the screen down to one of the 'scoring pits' at the bottom of the screen by moving them from cell to cell, making sure to avoid the evil orange crab in the process who is eager to grab as many pellets as he can. This is done by using two arrows. One is under your control, the other mimics its actions with a four-second delay. The only trouble is, I've been unable to find any kind of connection between what I do with the arrows and how the pellets move. This has proven mighty frustrating to say the least! I've watched clips of the game being played and looked for instructions online but all of them make it seem as though it should be obvious how to play. Can someone explain to me how in the blue blazes this game is played? Unless I'm just too stupid to learn, obviously... :(

RKS Score: N/A


  1. So...I know this is an old post, and this is still not a good game (in my opinion), but when you hit the button the game swaps the contents of the cells beneath the two arrows. And, as far as I know, that is all there is to this one. I just found the site - and enjoying looking around!

  2. Hi Xaqar, thanks for dropping by :) Thanks for the info on Lot Lot - I tried lots of times to work out how to play it but nothing seemed consistent. Haha, oh well, maybe I'll give it another try now! Glad you like the site :)

  3. Xaqar, interesting to see you pop up here! Your Famicom chronogaming site is still remembered in some quarters (though didn't you have even more reviews at a second site, which now appears to have vanished?).