Sunday, 19 June 2011

Top Five Ways To Eat Potato

If you're anything like me, vegetables aren't usually the first choice when selecting a lush meal. Healthy they may be (for the most part) but they are seldom the most exciting part of any dish they may be part of. There are a few exceptions though, and potatoes are one! They are arguably the most versatile of all vegetables and can be fashioned into all manner of enjoyable snacks and meals. It's also easily possible to turn them into unhealthy (and therefore tasty) forms too. Here are my five faves:

5 - Mash

4 - Croquettes

3 - Roast

2 - Waffles

1 - Chips / Fries

Om nom nom nom!


  1. I'm a mashed man m'self. But them is some mighty fine looking croquettes you got there.

    Might fine indeed.

  2. Bangers and mash is awesome! :P Most forms of potato are pretty lush though! :)

  3. Waffles and croquettes? What's wrong with you, man? Sautéd and hash brown should be replacing those abominations. And fries should not be lumped in with chips, fries are for pansies.

  4. Haha, oh dear, sorry Marc! :P I do like hash browns, I must say. You're right about chips too, they are superior to fries but they can't really be separated when they're so similar :D

  5. I'd just swap mash and roasts around there :) To be honest though, they'd all be number one's if I had the choice!

  6. Haha, they sure are all pretty lush :P

  7. Its all good! how can anyone choose!? :)