Monday, 14 February 2011

First Look Wii #1

Okami by Capcom (2008) - Nintendo Wii

Even after quite a few years of them, there's still very few games that have come close to inspiring me to buy a current console. The only one of the three that I've even used much is the Wii which a friend owns. He's usually showing me his latest Animal Crossing larks and tomfoolery but one day he made me miss my bus to show me... Okami. At first I thought it was some pretentious nonsense that would make me dislike modern consoles even more, but no... Okami, you see, is more a work of art than a videogame which has so much more to it than I've yet discovered. At its most basic you could call it an arcade adventure or action RPG in whose stunningly crafted game world you take the form of a God disguised as a wolf and must complete all sorts of varied quests and solve puzzles. Just look at those graphics though! Cel-shading has never looked like this before. It's an amazing game for certain and I really need to play it some more! Any of you played it? Is it as good as I thought after my brief exposure?

RKS Score: 5/5

I don't usually include video clips but this game has to be seen moving!

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