Sunday, 27 February 2011

Game Gallery #5

Chase HQ (1988)
Arcade Version

To continue my ongoing battle against the tossers who tag their screenshots (*coughIGNcoughGamespotcough*), my next offering is the immortal Chase HQ. It was while writing my recent review of this great game that I decided to do this gallery as there were so many good screenshots I wanted to use for the review. Also, before anyone says anything - yes I have noticed that this fifth Game Gallery is the fourth to feature a game by Taito! It's not intentional and I'll try to feature a non-Taito game next time, but for now, allow me to present the this arcade great in its entirety:

Stage 1: White Lotus Esprit

Stage 2: Yellow Lamborghini Countach

Stage 3: White Porsche 911

Stage 4: Blue Ferrari 288 GTO

Stage 5: Red Porsche 928



  1. Fantastic work mate, bet this took you a while to compile. I so do suck at this game and now I can finally see what the end of levels are like :)

  2. Cheers! Completing the game isn't too hard. Doing it while grabbing screenshots is harder! You might've spotted a few crashes in the some of the shots ;)

  3. Nice shots!

    I have this game for the Famicom. The graphics are nowhere near as good as the arcade version, which looks like something made for a 16 bit machine.

    Very fun and cool game though!