Saturday, 15 January 2011

First Look Spectrum #1

Starfox by Realtime Games Software Ltd (1987) - ZX Spectrum

While writing my recent review of Star Fox (SNES), I was reminded that it's actually not the first game to bear that name. I do have a vague memory of its existence but I never played it whilst a Speccy gamer. Did I miss out? Well, at first I thought definitely not! This Starfox is a faux-3D space combat/adventure game in which you must travel around your star system protecting it from an invading alien horde. There are also natural dangers lurking here and there too but luckily your ship can be upgraded or repaired by finding and docking with a space station. Prior to knowing this, or indeed anything about the game, however, I was just flying around aimlessly getting shot at! A bit of research later and I actually learned how to play the game. I still didn't get very far of course but I certainly have more desire to try. I've a feeling it could get pretty involving...

RKS Score: 3/5


  1. got some top memories of starfox, a great shooter for the time.

  2. Yeah, it's not bad from what I can tell, just rather slow-paced. Still, a shooter like that is really enjoyable sometimes I guess :)